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Prepared assessment individuals recognized influenced roofs by appropriately distinguishing for proper roofing gouges and other effect marks, known to be hail related. Legitimate information was then gathered and dissected. The information included measurements covering area, roof development subtleties, pitch, assessed hailstone size, and seriousness of hail sway. Effect seriousness was estimated on a size of 0 (no genuine harm) to 5 (extreme harm and potential breaks thus). y proprietors and other observers were met to check the degree of hail sway.

Examination Findings

Low Slope Roofing Systems

A focal point of the examination was to decide the contrasts between roofing items evaluated for sway opposition and those that were most certainly not. It was discovered that low incline roof frameworks that had films that were solidly bolstered by rock or stone weight played out the best.

Black-top Shingles

Black-top shingles that were appraised as effect safe showed improvement over those not. Out of the roofs that were tried 75% of the effect safe roofs were evaluated in the harm classes 0, 1, or 2 (the most reduced harm classifications). The normal harm rating for sway safe roofs was 1.3. The harm rating for non-sway safe roofs was 2.5. More established roofs likewise indicated more harm than more up to date roofs inside a similar region because of extra mileage and maturing.


Tile roofing frameworks performed well. Despite the fact that hail sizes were assessed to be somewhere in the range of 2 and 4 inches, not many tiles had any harm. The harm noted on tiles is an example of numerous cracks from a solitary hailstone sway. Tile roofs more seasoned than 12 years additionally demonstrated no observable contrasts in execution, presumably because of enduring materials of mud and cement.

Metal Roofs

Most metal roofing frameworks likewise performed well. Of the entirety of the metal roofs tried just 1 had serious harm where roof had twisted sides. None of the metal roofing frameworks, where raised, excited steel, or standing crease, had any proof of breaks or punctures.

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